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A great challenge!

Check this challenge out.  Great way to get motivated, this challenge seems to be throwing down the gauntlet.  Workout the most days in a row!

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What kind of challenge should I make?

Well, the sky is the limit.  I tried to keeep the site as open ended as possible.  There is a way to keep the goals open so your challenge members can post whatewer they want or you can add specific goals. 

Something like the 100 push up challenge or the couch 2 5K program would be good for specific goals.  Then the user can pick the day and the week they did the task. 

An open ended challennge example might be to give up soda.  Then the open ended goals can just be used to post how you are doing.  I see someone is fasting for a day on the site.  She started a challenge for anyone else wanting to fast or for anyone wanting to offer support.

The system is far from perfect,  the specific goals really needs to be perfected and cleaned up.  All in good time though.

Now go join a challenge!

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People love a good challenge.  Tell me to lose 5 lbs and I’m like ok, uh-huh.  Challenge me to beat you and lose 5 lbs faster than you and I’m like GAME ON!

While blogging about weight loss and getting fit and healthy I noticed there were lots of people just like me… they all loved a good challenge.  I found the challenges hard to keep track of both becasue of the fact that they were spread all around the net and also because usually checking in was just commenting on a blog post.  And me, being so unorganized, would always lose the blog post. 

That’s where Accept Your Challenge (AYC) came from… my frustration!  GAME ON, people.  Let’s get fit and get healthy and let’s do it together!

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