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Another great challenge….

The biggest hurdle of them all….  losing weight.  Some can’t do it without support.  Some can do it by, you know, skipping lunch.  LOL (I used to be able to do that). 

Check out this challenge started by a member:

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Some days it’s a challenge just to…..

Finish that statement.  Some days it’s a challenge just to….

… get out of bed in the morning.
… empty the dishwasher and NOT just stack all the dishes in the dish dryer.  🙂
… vacuum the carpet for the umpteenth time knowing I’ll just have to do it again tomorrow.
…  remember what day it is!
… go to the gym.
… walk the dogs.

Most of all, I need to walk the dogs.  They need it and I need it and I always feel better when I do it.  But I just can’t get myself to do it.

What is most challenging for you?

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Ongoing Challenges!

Once in a while we see a good challenge that has a variable ending point.  In this case, it all depends on the members.  How many days in a row can you exercise?  This challenge was started last week. As we saw the activity, well people drop out.  They have to.  They miss a day for whatever reason. 

Ok, so you did.  Try again, get your friends to join.  We have set up the same challenge several times starting every Monday.  Egg your friends on!  Get moving!

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Get Motivated

It’s all about getting motivated.  Competition motivates people.  Simple companionship of knowing someone else is doing what you are doing motivates people.  What motivates you best?

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Recent Additions

Recently, we have added the ability to “nudge” your friends as wel as send them messages.

Next on the agenda is to add the ability to letup notifications you want to receive via email.  For instance, you can receive an email when someone posts a goal in a challenge you belong to.  We feel this will help make AYC a habit so we can all get healthier!

Feel free to share and suggestions you might have!

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