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Upcoming changes!

The challenge setup in Accept Your Challenge is going to get even easier!  There will be challenge types to pick from.  The list right now is Fitness, Health, and Break a Habit.  Got suggestions, feel free to let me know!

Based on your challenge type, you will be given a list of fields to choose from with regards to how you want to setup the goals for your members.  Stay tuned…  exciting changes!

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We’re asking you… what do you want next?

Please help us decide the next feature.  Take this poll! 

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Healthy Eating….

This is another part of life I find challenging… eating healthy.  Boy oh boy, they don’t make it easy.  There is junk food everywhere.  I mean if the veding machines had yummy oranges in them and apples and bananas and raspberries and the like, I’d be all over that.  But noooo , the vending machines have snickers and heath bars and cheetos!  Come on!  How can I compete with that?!

So, I try to remember to leave my money at home.  It’s best that way.

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