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This is awseome!

Last week, my teen was told by his wrestling coach to start eating healthy for wrestling season. So grocery shopping was a completely different experience this week. I bought fruit and yogurt and potatoes. That’s not abnormal. But I did NOT buy junky snacks or pasta or processed side dishes.

I think I have already lost weight this week! Score!!

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Upcoming changes!

The challenge setup in Accept Your Challenge is going to get even easier!  There will be challenge types to pick from.  The list right now is Fitness, Health, and Break a Habit.  Got suggestions, feel free to let me know!

Based on your challenge type, you will be given a list of fields to choose from with regards to how you want to setup the goals for your members.  Stay tuned…  exciting changes!

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Healthy Eating….

This is another part of life I find challenging… eating healthy.  Boy oh boy, they don’t make it easy.  There is junk food everywhere.  I mean if the veding machines had yummy oranges in them and apples and bananas and raspberries and the like, I’d be all over that.  But noooo , the vending machines have snickers and heath bars and cheetos!  Come on!  How can I compete with that?!

So, I try to remember to leave my money at home.  It’s best that way.

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Some days it’s a challenge just to…..

Finish that statement.  Some days it’s a challenge just to….

… get out of bed in the morning.
… empty the dishwasher and NOT just stack all the dishes in the dish dryer.  🙂
… vacuum the carpet for the umpteenth time knowing I’ll just have to do it again tomorrow.
…  remember what day it is!
… go to the gym.
… walk the dogs.

Most of all, I need to walk the dogs.  They need it and I need it and I always feel better when I do it.  But I just can’t get myself to do it.

What is most challenging for you?

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Get Motivated

It’s all about getting motivated.  Competition motivates people.  Simple companionship of knowing someone else is doing what you are doing motivates people.  What motivates you best?

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Recent Additions

Recently, we have added the ability to “nudge” your friends as wel as send them messages.

Next on the agenda is to add the ability to letup notifications you want to receive via email.  For instance, you can receive an email when someone posts a goal in a challenge you belong to.  We feel this will help make AYC a habit so we can all get healthier!

Feel free to share and suggestions you might have!

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People love a good challenge.  Tell me to lose 5 lbs and I’m like ok, uh-huh.  Challenge me to beat you and lose 5 lbs faster than you and I’m like GAME ON!

While blogging about weight loss and getting fit and healthy I noticed there were lots of people just like me… they all loved a good challenge.  I found the challenges hard to keep track of both becasue of the fact that they were spread all around the net and also because usually checking in was just commenting on a blog post.  And me, being so unorganized, would always lose the blog post. 

That’s where Accept Your Challenge (AYC) came from… my frustration!  GAME ON, people.  Let’s get fit and get healthy and let’s do it together!

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