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Another great challenge….

The biggest hurdle of them all….  losing weight.  Some can’t do it without support.  Some can do it by, you know, skipping lunch.  LOL (I used to be able to do that). 

Check out this challenge started by a member:

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Ongoing Challenges!

Once in a while we see a good challenge that has a variable ending point.  In this case, it all depends on the members.  How many days in a row can you exercise?  This challenge was started last week. As we saw the activity, well people drop out.  They have to.  They miss a day for whatever reason. 

Ok, so you did.  Try again, get your friends to join.  We have set up the same challenge several times starting every Monday.  Egg your friends on!  Get moving!

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A great challenge!

Check this challenge out.  Great way to get motivated, this challenge seems to be throwing down the gauntlet.  Workout the most days in a row!

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